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The upscale Afamia Tower 2 by FAM Holding is a new residential development at Al Bu Daniq in Sharjah that has been designed primarily to offer premium living experience. Offering a mix of studios, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments with exceptional amenities, the development aims to promote a new set of lifestyle.

Featuring generously appointed apartments with spacious layouts, the development is set in a prime location. The immediate surroundings and the serene environment make it an ideal destination, where you and your family can have a great time.

The contemporary apartments are spacious and to enhance your quality of living comes complete with bright interiors, high-end fittings and fixtures. Every inch of the residences is carefully planned to the last detail and meets the highest form of specifications.

For those with rich taste and preference, the stylish homes are crafted to ensure a fuss-free lifestyle. Part of an expanding neighbourhood and lined with some of the best entertainment, leisure and fine-dining venues, the tower is primed to offer all the elements that you look for.

If you wish to live in a development that offers the best of comfort and luxury, the residential tower is definitely the place to be.

Project Highlights

  • A new development offering premium and upscale apartments
  • Exclusively designed with high-end fittings and fixtures
  • Access to premium amenities and facilities
  • Unités spacieuses et parfaites pour ceux qui ont une famille grandissante
  • Entouré de nombreux espaces verts et ouverts
  • Le plan de paiement est attractif et réalisable


Conçus pour un style de vie progressif, les équipements inclus contribueront grandement à rehausser votre expérience de vie. Les installations mises à disposition sont parmi les meilleures et auront un impact positif sur le mode de vie général.

SOMMAIRE Plan de paiement

Le plan de paiement pour le projet résidentiel Afamia Tower 2 a été conçu par FAM Holding de manière à faciliter l'intérêt des acheteurs et des investisseurs avertis.


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